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Luxury British Made Jumpers: Bespoke Statement Embroidery.


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100% sustainable british lambswool
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FUND is a fashion for good brand. Our mission is to FUND positive change, prioritising people and planet in everything we do. Everyday choices can make a real impact so it’s important to us that when you choose FUND, you are investing in a better future.

Children with Cancer UK

Profits from our organic cotton Sunshine sweatshirt and Sunny T-shirt range is donated to help in the fight against childhood cancer. Learn More

Mary's Meals

Profits from our classic knitwear collection is donated to help end childhood hunger.
Learn More

Style for Stroke Foundation
Profits from our limited edition collection of JOY jumpers are donated to the Style for Stroke foundation who support Same You, Interact Stroke and the Stroke Association. Learn More
our Process

All of our yarn is spun in Scotland by a heritage mill that is over 150 years old, situated on the banks of Loch Leven. The team only work with 100% natural fibres sourced from small independent farmers, which means that we can proudly guarantee that all our wool and cashmere comes from ethically reared, free-range sheep and goats, in fact the cashmere we use is the only yarn still, spun, coloured and crafted in Scotland. 

We use only the finest organic cotton, sustainably farmed to create our Sweatshirts and T-shirts. Our goal is always to offer you superior quality clothing that will last a lifetime. We only work with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled materials and our entire production chain is certified by independent bobies to meet the highest industry standards.

Using traditional methods the fibres are dyed before the wool is spun – a gentle process that gives a superior colour result and finished handle. All the dyes are environmentally friendly, so the water can be cleaned and returned to Loch Leven once dyeing is complete. It is a time-consuming process but worth it for the resulting high-quality, and soft yarn.

Unveiling the Sustainable Style Revolution: Fund Jumper—Your Ultimate British Fashion Statement

Fund Jumpers, British fashion made fun. We are an avant-garde brand mixing traditional charm and British craftmanship with sustainability. Our statement jumpers offer a unique opportunity to explore bold self-expression in a new playful way. They are an intriguing experience and each one can be as unique as you are. Bespoke your jumper colour and your jumper embroidery to perfectly match your fashion style or mood.

Fund jumpers are fast becoming a cult fashion item and a must have wardrobe stable. Each one tells a story through stitches and makes the clothing you wear more meaningful. A colourful assortment that transcends fashion boundaries. Fund jumpers are not fashionable, they are anti fashion and anti the current throw away fast fashion culture. We hope our 100% British wool jumpers are timeless. The perfect balance of luxury and creativity. We hope you will love and wear yours forever.

Fund Jumpers: a uniquely British fashion brand, with a very British sense of humour.

Sustainable Fashion's Rise: Fund Jumper's Greener Tomorrow Project

Fund Jumper represents sustainable fashion in a world where fashion meets responsibility. We are dedicated to environmental awareness, our British wool jumpers pioneer 100% eco-friendly materials and our ethical practices will, we hope, change British fashion for the better. Enjoy guilt-free retail therapy with our sustainable wool jumpers. Designed to improve your style and help protect the environment.

Fund Jumper’s Ethical Fashion Redefined

Our mission is always ethical fashion. Fairtrade, ethical sourcing of 100% natural sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing distinguish Fund jumpers as the modern British fashion brand to watch. In an industry plagued by questionable practices, you can enjoy guilt-free jumper shopping with Fund Jumpers knowing that each piece of British knitwear you buy improves the world a little and does a little good through our charitable donations.

Fund Jumper’s Signature Statement Style

Fund Jumper’s iconic statement jumpers offer you the opportunity to create something unique. Our carefully curated collection of statement jumpers combine classic timeless design with playful satire and meaningful sentiments. Capturing the quintessential British style with a good dose of British humour thrown in for good measure. Each of our slogan jumpers takes inspiration from a famous quote by someone we have felt inspired by. Get inspired too, read their stories on our product pages to find out more about the amazing characters that inspired each jumper and the positive impact they have had on the world. Or create your own bespoke statement that means something just to you. Either way choosing Fund Jumper’s ensures individuality. Reflect your own style, be it casual, elegant, or wild and alternative. Choose your own colours and make a statement. Be loud and proud with Fund and experience British fashion’s timeless appeal.

The Fund Jumper Lifestyle: Comfort is king

A Fund jumper is made for life. Each luxury wool jumper is made from super soft 100% sustainable British lamb’s wool. Soft enough to be worn next to the skin and very light and warm. Our British wool jumper is hypoallergenic and antibacterial meaning it can be worn many times without washing. Unlike jumpers that contain synthetic fibres our colourful wool jumpers do not lose their shape and density during washing. They retain their bright vibrant colour and are made to last for many years.

A Very British Fashion Brand

Our British fashion brand was founded to create the world’s best jumper, one jumper that everyone can wear and love. It is a simple unisex jumper, designed to never go out of fashion. We make slightly oversized jumpers, as jumpers should be in our opinion. You can dress it up or down so that this one jumper is all you’ll ever need. Improve your style effortlessly with clothes that create a statement and prioritize comfort and sustainability making you feel as wonderful as you look.

Fund Jumper Universe: A Symphony of Colours and Textures

Fund Jumper takes you to a world of colours and sensations. Each piece of bespoke knitwear is a work of art that celebrates uniqueness and self-expression. Explore our rich palette, where each jumper tells a story. We have red jumpers, blue jumpers, black jumpers, pink jumpers, green jumpers, navy jumpers, ivory jumpers and multi coloured jumpers too, did I mention orange jumpers ? Anyway you get the point, at Fund jumpers we have a lot of jumpers! All you have to do is choose your jumper colour, choose your embroidery statement and see your colourful creation come to life in stitches.

Support our Jumper Inclusivity policy: Fashion for All

Fund Jumpers is an inclusive fashion brand, celebrating the beauty of diversity. From our size-inclusive unisex, oversized jumper design to representing diversity and equality in our quotes, we believe fashion can empower uniqueness. Creating clothing that fits every body type and size so everyone can be equal.

Unveiling the Secrets: Fund Jumper's behind the seams

Each Fund Jumper is embroidered in our little Cornish workshop, watch our embroidery videos to get a view behind the scenes. Each garment is hand finished with love using sustainable organic wool. From designing new statements to carefully testing each stitch pattern, we put care and time into everything we do. Each statement jumper takes over an hour to embroider and hand finish. We make all our jumpers in England so that our ethical and sustainable manufacturing procedures ensure your purchases represent responsible fashion and a better future for all.

The Fund Jumper Community: Join the Fashion Revolution

Have more FUND. Join the Fund Jumper community and be part of the fashion revolution. Join like-minded people who love beautifully made British knitwear, value ecology, and support ethical fashion. Follow us as we push fashion limits and set new benchmarks. Live the Fund Jumper lifestyle: style and consciousness and have some FUND doing it.

Shop Fund Jumpers and Celebrate British Fashion at its best

Make your statement and be the change you want to see in the world. Our collection of meaningful statement knitwear awaits. Explore each statement and learn more about each author before choosing an embroidery statement that is meaningful to you. Each embroidered jumper is a story through stitches. Nothing quite right? then create your very own statement with a bespoke jumper creation. Be a part in our story as an ethical British fashion brand and take your look to the next level with timeless pieces. Shop now and join the fashion revolution. Fund Jumper—where fashion meets responsibility.

stories through stitches

FUND is an empowerment movement, so share stories and help us spread the word.