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Weaved, Embroidered and hand-finished in England using the finest luxury yarns. Profits from the sale of this item fund positive change. Everyday choices can make a real impact. When you choose FUND you invest in a better future.

Care Instructions

We want you to enjoy wearing your beautiful Fund jumper for years to come. We therefore recommend that you wash it by hand so that it stays in perfect condition.


Handwash at 20 degrees in warm water using cashmere or wool shampoo.


To dry lay flat at room temperature. Do not tumble dry.

Red Wool Jumper, the Pinnacle of Style

An oversized red wool jumper is a seasonless fashion must. Our high-quality sustainable wool is warm and elegant, making every event a canvas for your style.

Red Jumper Crafting: Intricate Art

Discover the intricate craftsmanship used to make our red jumpers. Each item is a little beauty, expertly weaved in England for longevity and comfort. The wool’s brilliant bright colour is unique to Fund as we only use wool milled in Scotland using the clean clear waters of the loch to enhance the vibrancy of colour and the softness of the wool.

Elevate Your Style: Red Versatility

Red is a colour and a message. We have a variety of red jumpers with different statements to perfectly suit your mood. Our red love jumper is perfect for valentines whilst our red Christmas jumper welcomes in the seasonal cheer.

Discover Luxury: Red Wool Jumper Collection

Experience elegance with our luxury red wool jumper. Whether you choose a lambswool, cotton or cashmere jumper. Our carefully picked collection offers unmatched comfort and sophistication.

Red Jumpers Are Trending

Red is back in fashion, so stay ahead. We are noticing that our trendsetters are wearing our red jumpers more and more. Take a stand in red wherever you go and stand out from the crowd.

Customizing Excellence: Unraveling the Perfect Fit

Fund Jumpers prioritize fit and style. The timeless oversized fit of our red jumpers flatters every body type. With so many sizes, finding the right fit has never been easier. Experience the quality assurance of our unisex British-made Knitwear, there is no looking back.

A Symphony of Style: Red Wool Jumper Pairings

Follow us on Instagram to learn how to style your red jumper to look its best. Our style guide helps you make a lasting impression by matching it with denim for a casual appearance or a beautiful vintage dress. Red wool jumpers are versatile and can redefine your style, by adding a much needed flash of colour and positivity.

Why Fund Jumpers? Superior Quality

Choose Fund Jumpers for quality, not simply for style. Our use high-quality sustainable wool and the finest organic cotton to ensure durability. We are all about making good quality knitwear that lasts. Join a community that values workmanship and longevity above throw away fashion.

Easy Shopping: Red Jumper Delivered to Your Door

Fund Jumpers makes internet shopping easy. Browse our vast selection of red jumpers online and have them delivered to your door. Enjoy quick wardrobe updates with a few clicks.

Conclusion: Fund Jumpers Restyle You

A red wool jumper is a fashion statement and a statement of refinement and uniqueness. Fund Jumpers opens the door to elegance and comfort. Our exclusive range of red jumpers offers unsurpassed quality designed to make you feel good and do good too.