Plain Jumpers

Behind the seams

This collection of luxury knitwear was made to support the work of Marys Meals. So the good news is that your jumper purchase will also help end world poverty by funding school meals for the worlds poorest families.

Across the world today millions of people are still living in poverty.Marys Meals provide a daily school meal for over 2 million children every day across 19 of the world poorest countries. its a simple idea that works, they provide one daily meal in a place of learning in order to attract hunger children into the classroom, where they are receive an education, that can in the future, be their ladder out of poverty. At Fund we share the belief that education is a vehicle to end inequality and to lead to better more sustaianble future for all. To join their mission and learn more visit

Fund Jumpers: Your Ultimate Sustainable and Ethical Jumper Source

In a world where fashion meets responsibility, Fund Jumpers embodies ethical and sustainable fashion. Each jumper has a unique style and consciousness. Explore the selection of Sustainable Jumpers and Oversized sweatshirts made with the highest regard for the environment and people.

The Essence of Sustainability: Browse our eco-friendly jumpers

Start your eco-fashion adventure with our exclusive Sustainable Jumper Collection. These jumpers reinvent style while preserving the earth with new and eco-friendly fabrics. From organic cotton to natural lambswool, each piece embodies a greener future. Explore a world where fashion and sustainability coexist, proving you can look good and do good.

Introduction to Our Ethical Jumper collection

Fashion with a Cause is our philosophy at Fund Jumpers. This principle guides our Ethical Jumper pledge, which guarantees fair labour conditions for workers and ethical sourcing of 100% natural materials in every stitch. Explore a collection that lets you stand out and protects our planet. Celebrate ethical fashion with a clear conscience.

Wool Wonders: Investigating Our Wool Jumper Collection

Warmth and sophistication mix in our handpicked wool jumper selection. Enjoy the sumptuous feel of responsibly sourced wool, carefully made for comfort and style. Elegant and timeless, these jumpers can be worn all year-round. Discover the enchantment of super soft sustainable wool with our carefully picked collection, where every piece tells a tale of workmanship and warmth.

Explore Our colourful Jumper Collection

At Fund we love colour. Our Colourful Jumper Collection will brighten your day and help lift your mood. This eclectic jumper collection showcases vibrant colours and striking designs, letting you express yourself via fashion. Our beautifully bright jumpers celebrate uniqueness with vibrant hues and eye-catching designs. Explore unlimited possibilities with each jumper as a canvas for self-expression.

Wrap Yourself in Opulence with Our Lambswool Jumper Series

Enjoy our soft and elegant Lambswool Jumper Series. These sweaters are made of the finest lambswool for unprecedented luxury. These jumpers are expertly constructed and luxuriously plush, making them timeless. Lambswool adds refinement to your style. We make all our jumpers in England so that we can be sure that they are made fairly, that our people are receiving a fair living wage and that working conditions are good. People and planet matter, we want to make a positive contribution to our world.

Join the Trend: Oversized Jumpers for Easy Chic

Stylish and comfortable, our Oversized Jumper Collection makes a statement. Take advantage of effortless, stylish large silhouettes. With skinny jeans or leggings, these jumpers elevate casual elegance. Unleash your inner fashionista with this collection, where big means confident and comfortable.

Fashion meets responsibility at Fund Jumpers

As you browse Fund Jumpers’ selection of statements take time to read the stories behind each statement. You need to believe in your choices. You’re investing in a sustainable and ethical revolution. Your choices make a difference. Jumpers that make a statement and improve the world. You will begin to influence the people around you, talk about your statement and why it means something to you. With every purchase, you join the sustainable and ethical future movement that’s something to be proud of.

Sustainable Jumpers Revamped

With our magnificent Sustainable Jumpers Redefined collection, Fund Jumpers proudly redefines sustainable fashion. Improve your style while protecting the environment. Each piece represents our dedication to a fashion-forward, sustainable future, from new textiles to eco-friendly designs and bold statements which we hope will help shape a better future for all.