Statement Sweatshirts

Behind the seams

The sweatshirt collection was designed in collaboration with Jo Elvin CEO of the charity, Children with Cancer UK. To celebrate the amazing courage of the children and families facing this devastating disease. This collection of uplifitng statement sweatshirts is made from stone washed organic cotton in vibrant 80’s shades as a nod to the charity’s beginings and it’s patron Princess Diana.

Sadly cancer is still the leading cause of death for children under 15 in the UK. Since 1988 Children with Cancer has been dedicated to a simple mission – of seeing a world where every child survives cancer. Through ground breaking research the charity has helped improve survival rates with more targeted knder treatments and continues to tirelessly support the children and their families. to join their mission and learn more visit

Fund Jumpers: Statement Sweatshirts with style

Want to say something without speaking? Explore Fund Jumpers’ slogan sweaters. Your clothing is an opportunity to say something. Funds Catchy, personal slogans do just that. Our collection of statement sweatshirts explore pop culture and history, giving you the opportunity to express yourself through fashion. Learn the power of words with Fund Jumpers’ exclusive slogan sweatshirt line.

Be cool: The Embroidered Sweatshirt Revolution

Fund Jumpers’ gorgeous embroidered sweaters will enhance your winter wardrobe. The sweaters are works of art and style. Elegant embroidery elevates a warm basic into a fashion statement. Warm up and look chic with Fund Jumpers’ trendy embroidered sweaters.

Thread Magic: Elegant Embroidered Sweatshirts

Fund Jumpers’ embroidered sweatshirts are rather special, each one is hand made in England. These adaptable pieces combine comfort and sophistication to elevate your casual style. Our handpicked assortment of slogans adds elegance to daily clothes with exquisite wool embroidery. Fund Jumpers has the perfect embroidered sweatshirt for your style, whether you like subtle or flamboyant designs. We redefine casual cool with our exclusive line.

Fashion Freedom at Fund Jumpers: Your Style, Your Way!

Fund Jumpers is a brand with heart, British sweatshirts made from highest quality organic cotton. Our handpicked collections are unique and statement-making. We give you fashion freedom with snappy slogan sweatshirts and exquisite embroidered sweaters. Fund Jumpers is where you start your fashion journey.