Beautifully simple unisex jumper.


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Weaved, Embroidered and hand-finished in England using the finest luxury yarns. Profits from the sale of this item fund positive change. Everyday choices can make a real impact. When you choose FUND you invest in a better future.

Care Instructions

We want you to enjoy wearing your beautiful Fund jumper for years to come. We therefore recommend that you wash it by hand so that it stays in perfect condition.


Handwash at 20 degrees in warm water using cashmere or wool shampoo.


To dry lay flat at room temperature. Do not tumble dry.

Get Trendy with Fund Jumpers’ Green Jumper Collection

Discover the current fashion trend for all things green with Fund Jumpers’ appealing green jumpers! Add colour and sustainability to your outfit with our range. Go a step further and choose our SAVE IT statement from the quote “the biggest threat to our planet is thinking someone else will save it”. Stay trendy and support sustainability with our chosen selection of meaningful statement knitwear. Designed to feel good and do good too.

Explore Fashion Sustainability with Green Jumpers

In a world where fashion meets duty, our green jumpers epitomize sustainable style. Each sweater shows our dedication to sustainable fashion and the environment, made from 100% natural wool, a truly eco-friendly material. Accept the trend without compromising your ideals.

Express Yourself: Green Jumpers Are Versatile

Fund Jumpers provides a canvas for self-expression, they are not just fashion they make a statement about who you are. Our green jumpers are perfect for relaxed days out or stylish evenings. Let your fashion sense shine and wear your conscience on your sleeve by investing in fashion for good.

Stay Cosy, Stay Chic with Green Jumpers

Feel the ultimate comfort of our green jumpers. Our jumpers are stylish and keep you toasty and warm. Soft, ecological textiles make you look good and feel healthy. Wear eco-friendly fashion and join our growing community of funders.