Beautifully simple unisex jumper.


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Weaved, Embroidered and hand-finished in England using the finest luxury yarns. Profits from the sale of this item fund positive change. Everyday choices can make a real impact. When you choose FUND you invest in a better future.

Care Instructions

We want you to enjoy wearing your beautiful Fund jumper for years to come. We therefore recommend that you wash it by hand so that it stays in perfect condition.


Handwash at 20 degrees in warm water using cashmere or wool shampoo.


To dry lay flat at room temperature. Do not tumble dry.

Fund Jumpers unveils Elegance: The Perfect Black Jumper Collection

At Fund Jumpers our range of black sweatshirts and black wool jumpers exudes effortless chic. Classic fashion pieces that blend comfort with oversized unisex style.

Discover Your Signature Black Jumper Look: Unmatched Versatility

Everyone needs one black jumper,  dress it up, dress it down, a black wool jumper is essential for any occasion. Fund Jumpers has a wide selection of statement jumpers in black. It is one of our most popular colours. There is lots to choose from whether you want a plain black oversized jumper or a black jumper with eye popping pink embroidery at Fund jumpers we have them all. Enjoy the simplicity and adaptability of this wardrobe staple, knowing your jumper gives back too to children living in poverty.

Black Wool Jumpers: Chic Winter Warmth

Enjoy the warmth of our cosy and super soft black wool jumpers as temperatures drop. These jumpers are sumptuous, water resistant and breathable. Each jumper is made from British wool which is a high quality material with a very low environmental impact. seamlessly blending fashion-forward designs with the quality and comfort of British lambswool.

Up Your Fashion Game: Trendy Black Jumper Interpretations

At Fund Jumpers we believe in the future and not in fast fashion so you can enjoy Fund Jumpers’ classic black wool jumpers guilt free. We do not use an plastic in our packaging or any synthetic fibres in our jumpers. All Fund jumpers are 100% natural fibres only. Our black wool jumpers are timeless, whether worn with jeans for a casual day or over a gold dress for a more playful look.

Easy Shopping: Your Black Jumper Destination

Fund Jumpers makes it easy to find the perfect black jumper, whether you want a sustainable wool or organic cotton jumper. Our user-friendly website makes purchasing easy and fun. Browse our collection, pick your statement, bespoke your jumpers embroidery colours and effortlessly add timeless style to your outfit.