Product Care

Care for your wool or cashmere jumper

-We all know a bit of TLC goes a long way, jumpers are no exception. Our Wool and Cashmere jumpers are made using only the finest natural fibres. They are very breathable and can be worn many times before washing is required.

Hand Washing

If you want your jumper to stay perfect for years to come we recommend simply washing it by hand.

  1. Turn your knit inside out and wash with warm water at less than 20 degrees.
  2. Use a delicate Wool and Cashmere shampoo, to give your jumper a perfect clean without compromising the fibres or structural integrity.
  3. Soak for a few minutes, gently rub any stubborn stains.
  4. Rinse thoroughly in fresh water, make the jumper into a ball shape and gently squeeze out excess water- don’t twist.
  5. Lay the jumper flat onto a towel in its natural shape and carefully roll it up, after a minute unroll and allow it to air dry flat. That’s it!
dry clean Or machine washing

Our jumpers are suitable for dry cleaning.

PLEASE NOTE -We can’t recommend machine washing because if you accidently leave the temperature setting too high or use the wrong cycle your beautiful knitwear will be ruined and we do not accept returns or exchanges for items washed incorrectly.

For Machine Washing, use the hand-wash cycle on your washing machine, make sure you turn the jumper inside out and that the temperature is set at no more than 20 degrees. Remove and lay the jumper flat onto a towel in its natural shape. Carefully roll it up, unroll and allow it to air dry flat.

Please never tumble dry or hang with clothes pegs whilst wet
A note on pilling

Some pilling will always occur with super soft yarns like Cashmere and Lamaine. Pilling is caused by friction of the softest fibres rubbing together to create pills or bobbles, it is a natural part of the knitwear appearance.