Statement T-Shirts

Behind the seams

The T-shirt collection was designed in collaboration with Jo Elvin CEO for the charity, Children with Cancer UK. It celebrates the amazing courage of the children and families facing this devastating disease. This easy to wear collection of statement T-shirts is made from stone washed organic cotton in vibrant 80’s shades as a nod to the charity’s beginnings and its patron Princess Diana.

Sadly cancer is still the leading cause of death for children under 15 in the UK. Since 1988 Children with Cancer has been dedicated to a simple mission – of seeing a world where every child survives cancer. Through ground breaking research the charity has helped improve survival rates with more targeted knder treatments and continues to tirelessly support the children and their families. to join their mission and learn more visit

Fund Jumpers: Discover the Trendy World of Slogan T-shirts and Embroidered Tees!

Want a unique way to express yourself? Explore slogan t-shirts, where fashion meets personality. Fund Jumpers has several catchy, clever, and inspiring slogans that say something unique, so stand up and speak out. Our slogan t-shirts make a statement with humorous and encouraging phrases. Let these fashionable and comfortable tees elevate your outfit and speak for you.

Bold Statements, Comfortable Styles: Slogan T-shirts’ Appeal

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style with our exclusive wool embroidered statement t-shirts. These tees are all bespoke and show your personality, whether you’re going out or making a statement. Our slogan t-shirts, made of high-quality organic cotton make you look and feel wonderful. Every Fund Jumpers phrase is a conversation starter, so express yourself and have some Fund.

Embroidered T-shirts: Elegance for Everyday Wear

Our embroidered t-shirts are pretty unique, each one takes over an hour to embroider and hand finish in our little Cornish workshop. These timeless pieces merge flair with simplicity to elevate your everyday wardrobe. Fund Jumpers’ embroidered tees give refinement to your style with a very British sense of humour. Explore fashion’s finer side with our special embroidered t-shirts.

Customized Slogan T-shirts Express Your Identity

Fund Jumpers values individuality. Our logo t-shirts are more than clothes—they express your personality. From funny stories to uplifting themes, our collection spans every culture and embraces diversity. Stand out and let your style define you. Explore our large selection of slogan t-shirts, each designed to match your style.

Embroidered T-shirts: Classic Style, Superior Quality

Get classic style with our handcrafted embroidered t-shirts. These tees’ complex designs and attention to detail provide sophistication that never goes out of style. Fund Jumpers guarantees unsurpassed quality and timeless elegance in every piece. Discover exquisite fashion with our distinctive embroidered t-shirts.

Fund Jumpers for Slogan T-shirts and Embroidered Elegance.

Fund Jumpers has the right style-comfort mix. Our carefully selected slogan and embroidered t-shirts keep you fashionable and express your individuality. Discover the latest trends and add distinctive pieces to your wardrobe on our website. Style and personality meet at Fund Jumpers.