Plain T-shirts

Behind the seams

The T-shirt collection was designed in collaboration with Jo Elvin CEO for the charity, Children with Cancer UK. It celebrates the amazing courage of the children and families facing this devastating disease. This easy to wear collection of statement T-shirts is made from stone washed organic cotton in vibrant 80’s shades as a nod to the charity’s beginnings and its patron Princess Diana.

Sadly cancer is still the leading cause of death for children under 15 in the UK. Since 1988 Children with Cancer has been dedicated to a simple mission – of seeing a world where every child survives cancer. Through ground breaking research the charity has helped improve survival rates with more targeted knder treatments and continues to tirelessly support the children and their families. to join their mission and learn more visit

Launching the Comfort Revolution: Fund Jumpers Offers Organic Cotton T-Shirts

The organic cotton t-shirt is a timeless choice in fashion’s ever-changing world. Fund Jumpers offers eco-friendly clothes made from 100% natural fibres only. Comfortable and stylish, our organic cotton t-shirts are made from sustainable resources. The breathable fabric feels great against your skin and helps the environment because natural fibres breakdown easily in the earth and are also easily recycled. T-shirts that contains synthetic fibres by contrast take thousands of years to breakdown in landfill and can’t easily be recycled to create new t-shirts.

The Statement Piece: Try Oversized T-Shirts

Looking for the right style-comfort blend? Fund Jumpers has the answer. A one style fits all unisex, oversized t-shirt. Make a statement with these elegant, versatile Tees. Our oversized t-shirts let you exhibit your distinctive style during a relaxed brunch or a night out with friends. Fund Jumpers combines fashion and comfort, with just a pinch of creativity.

The Green Revolution: Why Organic Cotton T-Shirts Matter

Get involved in the green revolution with our organic cotton t-shirts. We value style and sustainability at Fund Jumpers. These t-shirts use chemical-free organic cotton and natural plant based dyes which improves ecosystems and farmer safety. Our organic cotton t-shirts are more than just a fashion statement—they help the environment too.

Oversized T-Shirts: Comfort without Compromise

Experience ultimate comfort with our large oversized t-shirts. We redefine leisure wear with style at Fund Jumpers. For casual elegance, these loose-fitting t-shirts are both stylish and laid-back.

Fund Jumpers—Your Eco-Friendly Fashion Destination

Fund Jumpers envisions a sustainable future for all. We know you will never look back. Discover our organic cotton and oversized t-shirts to revamp your wardrobe. Make a statement without speaking, and let your fashion choices mirror your environmental activism. Choose Fund Jumpers for a stylish, eco-friendly lifestyle.