Love Always Wins Jumper

“True love always wins” Tracy Emin



Love Always Wins Jumper

“True love always wins” Tracy Emin

INSPIRED BY - Tracy Emin

The provocative English artist who shook up the British art world with her autobiographical and confessional pieces. Named “enfant terrible” of the young British artists of the 1980s, she is now a royal Academician. One of only two women to ever be appointed in this position. Her work embodies a new perception of female sexuality, redefining beauty and confronting stereotypes and taboos. Her most famous work “My bed” was an installation consisting of her unmade bed, slept in for weeks and stained with life. She uses vulnerability to tell a story of her struggle and the struggle all women face. Though her charity work she has raised millions for the NSPCC and AID charities. She is an inspiration and we wish her love and hope as she faces her struggle with cancer.


Weaved, embroidered and Hand finished in England using the finest British spun yarns. For each jumper purchased we donate 100 school meals to children living in poverty.

Care Instructions

We want you to enjoy wearing your beautiful Fund jumper for years to come. We therefore recommend that you wash it by hand so that it stays in perfect condition.


Handwash at 20 degrees in warm water using cashmere or wool shampoo.


To dry lay flat at room temperature. Do not tumble dry.