Joy Club Jumper

Bespoke Embroidered 100% British wool jumper.

Hand made to order - you can bespoke your jumper colours free of charge.


10 Working Days

NOTE: Please allow 20 working days for Bright Pink as we’re currently out of stock.

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Weaved, Embroidered and hand-finished in England using the finest luxury yarns. 100% of all profits from the sale of this item fund positive change. Everyday choices can make a real impact. When you choose FUND you invest in a better future.

INSPIRED BY - Sir Mick Jagger and Bono

Song “Jump for joy”

Care Instructions

We want you to enjoy wearing your beautiful Fund jumper for years to come. We therefore recommend that you wash it by hand so that it stays in perfect condition.


Handwash at 20 degrees in warm water using cashmere or wool shampoo.


To dry lay flat at room temperature. Do not tumble dry.

Elevate Your Joy with Joy Jumper: Ultimate Fun!

Join the hottest new trend—our super fun Joy Jumper—and release your inner child. This fun and exciting statement jumper is for all ages. If you’re a thrill-seeker or just seeking a new way to have fun, the Joy Jumper is for you.

What Makes our Joy Jumper Different?

At Fund Jumpers we prides ourselves on providing the best quality British knitwear possible. Our jumper guarantees smiles, laugher, and unmatched joy thanks to our dedication to perfection. Jump for joy with a Joy Jumper and see how it improves your mood and spreads joy to those around you.

Start Saving: Buy Your Joy Jumper

Ready to make a splash with your very own Joy Jumper? We try to make shopping easy with our bespoke colour options so you can create the perfect Joy Jumper for you. Order yours today to join our club of Joy seekers!

Conclusion: Joy Jumper Elevates Every Moment

At Fund we don’t take life to seriously, so join us and find delight in the little things. Love yourself, your world and the people you share it with and also of course your lovely new Joy jumper. Wear your Joy Jumper with pride. share joy, enthusiasm, and bounce into tomorrow!